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What topics do you provide professional development on?

Laura Gardner is the main trainer for Immigrant Connections. Her primary areas of expertise are family & community engagement in schools (particularly for immigrants, refugees, and English Learners), language access, equity, cultural proficiency, refugee resettlement, unaccompanied minors, and the dynamics around immigrant family reunification. Our team includes a number of other trainers as well, with various areas of expertise. Take a look at our team bios as well as our catalog (newly updated in February 2022) to learn more about the types of workshops we offer. We can also customize a training for your district or organization.

How do you provide training?

Some of our synchronous trainings are delivered in-person and some are facilitated over Zoom. During COVID, it became clear that training via Zoom has many advantages, such as being able to easily bring together educators (and often immigrant parents or students as guest speakers!) from various districts, states, and even countries. Through interactive strategies and tools such as breakout rooms, Jamboard, Padlet, polling, video clips, and more, it is clear that engaging workshops can be facilitated virtually. Also, we can discuss whether a combination of synchronous and asynchronous training would be useful for your group. 

How much does it cost?

Take a look at our catalog for pricing. If you want something customized for your district or organization, we can provide you with a quote.


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